Sugar Daddy University featured by NY Daily News

Sugar Daddy University was featured by the New York Daily News.

Sugar Daddy Cruise Featured on NBC

        New York’s Sugar Daddy Cruise was featured by NBC’s Trisha Goddard Show.

Professional Wing Girls

PWG Management provides women who introduce men to beautiful women at events and nightclubs. Also provides Promo Models, Spokesmodels, and Trade Show Models. DETAILS  

Sugar Daddy Party, NYC

Meet lots of friendly Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies at this fun party on the Rooftop of 1015, one of Manhattan’s hottest nightclubs! 6pm-12:30am. More details soon!

52% of Women OK Dating Men 30 Years Older

The Huffington Post featured an online study from that revealed that single women are comfortable dating men 30 or more years older.

Welcome to Gold Digger Events

GOLD DIGGER PARTIES & CRUISES Welcome To Your Premier Source for BEAUTIFUL WOMEN & WEALTHY MEN! Single Adults of All Ages Welcome Get invited to the best parties and cruises! Join our Mailing List Please Indicate Your City The Society of Single Professionals, world’s largest non-profit for singles, sponsors over 60 parties a year for singles……


The Gold Digger’s Guide:  How To Marry The Man And The Money by Ivana Rich         Some advice for Gold diggers. 50 Dating Tips for Gold diggers 7 Successful Tips for Gold diggers 5 Things You Should Never Ask Are You a Gold digger? 5 Signs That You Are a Gold digger


Gold diggers have a bad rep. Supposedly all they care about is finding male victims with money, and bleeding them dry. They pretend to love a man, when what they really love is his wealth. These Predatory Golddiggers do exist. But they are a small minority of women. For thousands of years most women have considered…..

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